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Lifetime Warranty on Arch Supports
The average person will walk over 80,000 miles in a lifetime and 75 percent of Americans will experience varying degrees of foot discomfort at some time in their lives.¹ Most foot health problems are caused by incorrect footwear, walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time, sports injuries, or from being overweight.

Because your feet are your body’s foundation, if they do not properly balance your body’s weight, the rest of the skeletal structure may become misaligned. Doctors and researchers agree that people can experience discomfort in their feet, legs, hips and back due to foot problems.²

We offer best in class arch supports, cushions, and comfort shoes and we have helped people who experience foot, leg or back pain, who are on their feet for extended periods of time, or who simply want better balance, comfort and support regardless of age, occupation, and lifestyle.

Personally fitted New Feet Store arch supports:
  • Are interchangeable between most shoes
  • Improve balance, comfort, and arch support/function
  • Are lightweight, durable, and flexible
  • Come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against breaking, flattening, or cracking
Products/Benefits include:
  • The Active Lifestyle and Everyday Lifestyle - great for exercise, walking, and long days on your feet. Especially effective with athletic shoes and work shoes
  • The Dress - durable but elegantly thin: perfect for women's and men's dress shoes, sandals and high heels
  • The Sampson - offers increased firmness in the arch area: ideal for athletic shoes, work shoes, work boots and golf shoes
  • The Compliment - great for relaxing: fits into all types of shoes including slippers, moccasins, and flip flops

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These arch supports typically last between 5-20 years, depending on the style and how they are used. All arch support products are offered with LIFETIME WARRANTY... if they break, crack or flatten, they will be replaced at no additional cost. Based on our customer testimonials, we feel these arch supports truly work!

Durable and absorbent neoprene cushions are available for everyday walking, running, hiking, and sport shoes. Wear them over your arch supports for even more comfort and relief from step shock.

Also, check out our durable, stylish, and extra-depth comfort shoes and sandals from P.W. Minor, and other lines of high quality shoes designed for optimum foot comfort for people with sensitive feet. We carry both men's and women's shoes that accommodate feet of different shapes, sizes and widths, and are suitable for work, dress, or play.
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Foam-padded
  • Available in extra-depth styles
  • Insole provides stability with added cushioning
  • Durable heel counter for maximum rear foot stability
  • High toe box to accommodate freedom of movement
Features may vary with some P.W. Minor styles

You will feel right at home with our caring and knowledgeable staff. Experience firsthand why The New Feet Store is known for its integrity, ultimate value and personalized service. We will help you select the arch supports and shoes to best fit your feet and lifestyle. Most of our customers notice an immediate difference in the way their feet feel with our superior foot comfort products.

Visit The New Feet Store today and discover what your feet have been missing!
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¹ American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine
² American Podiatric Medical Association
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