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What are arch supports? Are they the same as insoles and inserts?

Arch supports are devices used in shoes, specifically designed to support the arches of your feet. The New Feet Store arch supports are highly durable and carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY. They typically last between 5-20 years, depending on the style and how they are used. If they ever flatten, crack, or break, you can bring them into a New Feet Store for a FREE replacement.

An insole is a non-durable cushion placed inside the shoe to temporarily reduce step shock, absorb moisture, or modify foot position. Insoles must be replaced continually. High quality cushions from New Feet Store are designed to reduce step shock, absorb moisture, and increase comfort. They last a long time, compared to other insoles.

Inserts are typically any item placed inside a shoe to assist with foot comfort or position, often to reposition just one part of the foot or resolve a leg length discrepancy. Extra-depth comfort shoes from P.W. Minor accommodate deep inserts or custom orthotics, and are also available in our store.

Who Can Benefit from arch supports?

Greatest benefits are reported by people who are on their feet for extended periods of time, who experience recurring foot, back or leg pain, or who simply want better balance, comfort and support. Our New Feet Store arch supports offer foot comfort to people of all ages, occupations, and lifestyles:

  • People who enjoy walking, running, dancing, and sports
  • Golfers
  • Professional /amateur athletes
  • Children
  • Retirees
  • Police/fire/emergency medical technicians
  • Construction workers
  • Educators
  • Medical professionals
  • Retail and restaurant workers
  • Working professionals

Read our testimonials to see what customers have to say about the value and service they have received from the New Feet Store!

How do you personally size arch supports to my feet?

When you come in to a New Feet Store, a store representative will take a personal footprint to determine your arch size. They will present New Feet Store arch supports that best fit your arch size and match your type of shoes and day-to-day activities. It is helpful (but not necessary) to bring in the footwear you expect to wear most often.

How long does it take to get fitted with New Feet arch supports?

Our personalized service typically takes about 30-45 minutes. However, it can take more or less time, depending on the customer. For more information on the fitting process, see How They Work.

Do you need to take a mold of my foot?

All New Feet arch supports are available from in-store inventory, so it’s not necessary to make a mold or wait for the product to be manufactured. When you visit The New Feet Store, we won’t keep you waiting! We will personally fit you with arch supports that match your arch size and lifestyle. You can try them on right away and take them home with you the same day.

Why are there different types of arch supports?

Each New Feet Store arch support offers a specific degree of firmness, flexibility, thickness, and support to match the most common needs and footwear of our customers, including dress shoes, athletic shoes, walking shoes or work boots. New Feet Store arch supports are made with variable hardness to give additional support around your heel, while maintaining overall softness and comfort. They are also made in a range of sizes and styles to fit most arches and are interchangeable between most shoes.

Do you offer arch supports for children?

Yes. Youth arch supports from The New Feet Store are designed to stabilize the foot and redistribute body weight more efficiently, which can reduce the risk of injury due to improper foot position, and relieve foot and leg pain caused by strenuous activity. The New Feet Store also offers a youth pricing program with substantial discounts on replacement supports while your child’s feet are still growing.

Do I have to call for an appointment to come in?

We encourage walk-ins, and welcome our customers on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary; however, please check store hours and locations before you come in.

Can I use my insurance to buy New Feet Store products?

The New Feet Store is a retail store and as such it does not accept or bill insurance companies. Coverage for the purchase of arch supports or Medicare-approved shoes from P.W.Minor is at the sole discretion of your insurance carrier. For more information on your related policy coverage, please contact your insurance provider or flexible-spending account administrator.

Can I order New Feet Store arch supports by mail?

The best way to get the right supports for your arch size and lifestyle is to visit a New Feet Store location. Based on your footprint, our staff will personally size and fit you with arch supports that best meet your needs. You get to try them on before you decide to purchase. This personalized service is provided without any cost or obligation.

We do frequently mail additional pairs of arch supports or shoes to existing customers, who have already been correctly fitted.
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