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Arch Support
The New Feet Store specializes in arch supports, comfort shoes and related footwear. The corporate owned store in Seal Beach, California has been in business as a foot comfort center —in the same location—since 1997. Our company has helped thousands of people who suffer from foot -related concerns, including ankle, knee, and lower back pain, poor posture and balance.

New Feet Store representatives are trained to personally fit you with arch supports based on your arch size and lifestyle needs. This way, you can be assured that your New Feet arch supports will provide maximum comfort for your feet, hips and back. Most of our customers tell us they notice an immediate difference in the way they feel from the first day of their personal fitting.

What makes the New Feet Store unique? We offer dedicated personal service, superior arch supports and high quality comfort shoes. Our New Feet Store arch supports have a LIFETIME WARRANTY - if they break, flatten or crack, we will replace them at no additional cost to you. In addition, our arch supports are interchangeable between different types of shoes.

Compare the benefits offered by the New Feet Store arch supports to other types of arch supports, including drugstore, discount or mail order arch supports – these other types of arch supports may need to be continually repurchased as they wear out, may only fit one pair of shoes and may not be correctly fitted to your arch size.

We are committed to combining integrity in our personal service and ultimate value with our products. When you visit the New Feet Store for your free personal fitting, we will take your footprint and personally fit your feet into the arch supports or comfort shoes for your needs, activities, and lifestyle.

The fitting and demonstration are complimentary, and without obligation. And best of all, if the arch supports are right for you, you can take them home right away, without waiting.

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